August 8, 2015


Annoyance and the like

tickling the bath of your throat

frustration at others and 
inanimate objects

computers, software
bugs, glitches

crazy how sometimes

its the little things 
that really annoy

set the course for rest of day
how to break free?


nap or shower?
perhaps a nice stroll...

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July 31, 2015

True Blue Friends ~ by TR Hughes

At least once in a lifetime,
if you’re lucky, you meet someone
that makes you smile, makes you laugh, makes you cry…

Someone, other than your spouse or lover
Someone, not related to you by blood

who would hop a jet and be there for you,
regardless of the timing

Someone, who speaks the truth
when you want it  
and especially when you don’t

who calls to ask how you are
And waits to hear your answer

Someone you can lean on
share your life
the joys, the sadness
the mysteries

Someone that doesn’t judge
accepts you for who you are
and likes who you are

Someone who knows your deepest fears
your darkest secrets
and your hidden passions

a true friend
a soul mate

Destined to meet
Destined to share
Destined to love you
and you them

a love unlike
starry-eyed romantics
but tender, just the same

a love that stands strong
and births the bond

that even a brother’s blood would envy

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The Arc of Light ~ by TR Hughes

incandescent bulbs abound
full Moon in the day
I struggle through
the brightness of it all

fumbling through the light
seeking real color
hiding in the unnatural hues

the blurriness of matter
beseeches me

“find me, find the real me
this is not my reflection”

and the luminous glow

altered perception thrives

let us close our eyes for a moment
to see more clearly

June 25, 2015

Summer Nights ~ by TR Hughes

Summer Nights ~ by TR Hughes

midnight sky - thick and heavy
heat gathering 
pooling in the back of your throat

a desert night in the flux of summer 
undecided is the mood

nature wanting to dampen the ground
give way to life's unearthing of seeds 
strown by the birds

discarded from the beak
desperate for moisture

the bright moon 
offering passage through the night
coyotes on the prowl 
their prey asleep and dreaming

monsoons are coming
its in the air
thick and heavy
pooling in the back of your throat 

May 12, 2015

May in Pinewood

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April 29, 2015


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April 7, 2015

True Blue Water ~ by TR Hughes

View: From Philpott Dam Lookout ~ Philpott Lake, Bassett, Virginia
2880 acres of uninhabited / undeveloped waters and lakeshore
Owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
And home to many childhood memories… 

True Blue Water ~ by TR Hughes

evergreens accent the hues of blue
bare-knuckled oaks and maple are ripe with buds

water full of bass
and crappie
and catfish

some catfish rumored to be
as big as you or me

started stocking walleye
catch and release
they’re over a foot and a half

first learned to water ski
cold water
picnics on the fourth of july

telling stories
swatting away mosquitoes

sporting a bikini
like I didn’t care

March 3, 2015

Pinot ~ by TR Hughes

Pinot ~ by TR Hughes

pear shaped glass
with heavy bottom
and hungry mouth

longing for oak and herb
berry and spice

warmed sunny grapes
trodden upon
and left to rest

fill my womb
and warm my breast

February 16, 2015

Almost Isn't Enough ~ by TR Hughes

Almost Isn't Enough 
 ~ by TR Hughes

It almost rained today
The sun almost shined

I almost believed
what the others had said

I almost stopped him from digging
and he almost found a treasure

I almost stopped him from believing

Then ~ it occurred to me... 
Almost isn't enough

So ~ tomorrow
we will both believe
and find our treasures

buried in the sand.

January 16, 2015

"I'm Walking on Sunshine"

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November 18, 2014

Forcing Fall by TR Hughes

Forcing Fall by TR Hughes

the desert nights are cooling

forcing fall to come
I wear scarves and boots 
sweating underneath and toasty warm

all to beckon the season
the dance of thought and action

finally inviting in the cool air
smiling our way into winter
without a moment to spare

Mesquite, Cloves, and Allspice by TR Hughes

Mesquite, Cloves, and Allspice by TR Hughes

The smell of burning woods hangs in the air
as the morning fog slowly lifts into somber skies

the crisp breeze beckons for fall leaves
to cover the forest floor

further along the path the sweet smell of allspice
and cloves comfort and invigorate

back home a pot of warm soup simmers into perfection
awaiting ~ an afternoon delight

eased into the season - the smells, tastes, sights, and the touch of fall
caresses me into a lazy Sunday afternoon